Galactic Empire Style Guide


Welcome to the Imperial Style Guide. This resource was created to facilitate consistency in our communications throughout all sectors, with an emphasis on clear and direct conveyance of our mission to uphold order in the galaxy through constant exploration of new technologies and an ideology that fear of force is as, if not more, effective as force itself.

Voice and Tone

In war, words are as important a weapon as blasters and star destroyers. Any information disseminated by the Empire should follow these strict guidelines:

  1. Be direct. No one should question our authority or meaning.
  2. Promote our mission. A society under the Empire is one of security and stability.
  3. Encourage obedience. Loyalty will be rewarded.
  4. Intimidate our enemies. Fear will keep them in line.


The following colors are approved for use in our promotional materials. Adherence to this palette gives our visuals focus and makes them stronger. Grey, white, and black should be primarily used with other colors acceptable to provide accents to design.

Swatch Name Hexadecimal
Durasteel Grey #64696C
Unity White #FFFFFF
Galaxy Black #000000
Coruscant Blue #394A59
Imperial Red #BC1E22
Valor Green #556567


We use Aurebesh over High Galactic as the Empire's official writing system for its clean lines and legibility across a variety of display sizes. Adoption of it continues to grow as we bring order to new corners of the galaxy. Please note any mixing of Aurebesh with Outer Rim Basic will not be tolerated.

Type Specimen



In order to force conformance through all digital communications viewed, you may drag the button below to your to your bookmarks bar. Clicking on it while viewing a resource will immediately apply Imperial visual standards. Imperial Style Guide Bookmarklet